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About Eisenhauer Market

Eisenhauer Market opened on July 4, 1979. From humble beginnings, Eisenhauer began in one building with fewer than 60 vendors. Since then, our market has grown into a successful one 100,000 sf building with 3 sections. Our staff is friendly and always willing to help you navigate through our large warehouse of items that you can’t find anywhere else. Stop by today to find your unique treasure from Eisenhauer Market. When you are in the San Antonio, TX area looking for a great place to shop, choose us!
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of services do you offer at Eisenhauer Market?
Our independent shops offer a wide range of items from rare collectibles and jewelry to furniture and phone accessories.  We have it all! We also offer services such as computer repair and jewelry repair for all of our customers. 

2. Do you offer some kind of entertainment?
Eisenhauer Market is not your average shopping experience. Every Saturday and Sunday from 3 pm -7 pm we have live music and karaoke in The Red Eye, a rustic-style saloon where our guests can enjoy a cold drink and live music or shoot some pool. Also, you can enjoy one of our great attractions, Bingo! The admission is Free!


3. Do you offer food in your facility?
Absolutely! Eisenhauer Market place offers our customers delicious food and fun for everyone to enjoy. The gourmet sports bar and snack bar features the most delicious food in the San Antonio area so you can shop and also enjoy great food, an all-around great time for everyone.

4. I've never been there before. Would Eisenhauer Market be a good place to shop?
Definitely. We pride ourselves in providing an inviting environment for both experienced Eisenhauer Marker clients and newcomers. We have grown because of our dedication to quality, friendly service and, of course, our wonderful customers! Stop in today to browse our selection.

5. Do you offer rent spaces for vendors?
Absolutely! If you're looking for a location to sell your goods or a place to provide your service, consider Eisenhauer Marketplace! Because of our convenient location in San Antonio, TX, we see a lot of customers on a daily basis, which could benefit your business. To boost your clientele or sales, check out our affordable shop rentals!
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 Visit Us For An Unforgettable Shopping Experience!

We are renowned for our many vendors from the local area and throughout the state of Texas. Our shops include sport shops, restaurants, antique shops, retro shops, gift shops, jewelry repair shops, computer repair shops, and we add more all the time! 
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